Real Estate

Our Real Estate team provides a wide property legal service for developers, investors, private purchasers and sellers, and built-environment professionals.



Property Law

Over the recent past numerous legislative amendments have been promulgated having a critical impact in property transactions, property development, property investments and the wider industrial sectors. Having real business experience in the property development and real estate industry, securitization and property valuations - positions MILES ATTORNEYS INC. to advise clients practically and in a wide variety of property matters.

Our experience has been obtained in the property industry over the years, from working closely from the embryonic stage of a property development, with numerous banks, corporates, private investors, property developers, professionals, estate agents and a variety of other allied service providers.


Consulting a good professional adviser can not only save money but in many cases, correct and timely advice will improve your financial position. Unfortunately, however, we are sometimes consulted by businesses or private individuals who have been let down by their professional advisers and need help in redressing the situation and in some cases, seek damages from the professional concerned.


Frequently working with a wide variety of clients, enables us to continually increase our diverse experience and high levels of personal service. We constantly strive to perfect our proficiency and we strive on achieving flexibility to client’s demands, whether they be in the private of public sector.