The recent global increase in economic crime resulting in numerous corporate failures has caused governments, including in South Africa, to legislate criminal sanctions for violations of non-compliance regulating commercial activities. Global economic crime is endemic and South Africa is no different. It is trite that organisations however, are lagging behind in their efforts to combat this on-going increasing wave of crime.


MILES ATTORNEYS INC. assists clients in managing their risks and corporate problems and thereby together diminishing this escalating economic crime by:

  •  Developing corporate strategies with client to assess its internal fraud and other possible criminal activities
  •  conducting internal corporate investigations and internal assessments;
  •  advising of possible remedies;
  •  carrying out Due Diligence investigations;
  •  liaising with various law enforcement authorities;
  •  conducting in-house disciplinary proceedings;
  •  advising on Best Business Practices and internal codes of practice;
  •  advising on fiduciary duties of directors and King Code of Compliance;
  •  advising on tender and procurement fraud;
  •  investigating regulatory and policy breaches.