In the utopian world, disputes between parties would be resolved prior to any fully-fledged conflict. We live and trade in an increasingly aggressive competitive global environment. This underscores the real need of efficient litigation and dispute resolution services.

MILES ATTORNEYS INC. from instruction has a clear strategy to resolve matters, in client’s best interests, as quickly and efficiently as possible. The firm seeks such resolution through its diverse legal knowledge, adept negotiation skills and tactical planning, always agreed with client. From inception, the firm conducts an initial analysis of the matter in order to discuss with client the optimal resolution route.

We are geared to assist for speedy response in complex litigation matters and alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration). Our aim is always to helps companies, businesses and individuals alike, resolve their problems and disputes in the most cost-effective and practical way. Our diverse business knowledge, in tandem with our legal skills allows us to understand from inception, the finer nuances and operational sensitivities of your business problems.