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    It Doesn't matter what field of Business you're in.
    You need Business of Personal Law Advisers!

    We are lawyers with an uncompromising focus on quality,
    value and our clients’ commercial success..

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    Knowledge, Skills, Judgment and Experience
    The Cornerstone of our Legal Practice

    We aim to be responsive and work
    in Partnership delivering
    clear and commercially sound advice for our clients.


Partnership means different things to different people. At MILES ATTORNEYS INC. as your partner, we take on your problems as if they were our own, applying our various skills and expertise to ensure the optimal solution for you.

No Excuses - Just do it right:

We value and nurture our client relationships. Our client feedback is that we are consistently instructed because we understand our clients' aspirations, their ethos, their sense of urgency and the all-important need for undivided personal attention.

Our clients appreciate the value of the premium quality of our work we deliver. They also appreciate our agile, responsive, approach that gives them quick, easy access to senior advice and to clear, pragmatic legal services.

How Often do it right

It is fundamentally important to us that our clients understand the road we are walking together. We fully appreciate and respect the responsibility that clients empower us with as their selected attorneys. Simultaneously we encourage clients to ask us questions in order that they understand the respective process going forward. 


At MILES ATTORNEYS INC. we promote an environment that values team work in conjunction with entrepreneurial thinking, actively and openly encouraging Qualified legal opinion.      

Business & Commercial Law

All businesses are involved in the buying or selling of goods or services, requiring robust commercial legal advice. We give this advice in a personal, partnership relationship with client having a real understanding of the business arena.

We advise businesses in diverse industries in conducting business both in Southern Africa and internationally.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

We advise both South African and off-shore clients on all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, ranging from complex cross-border acquisitions and disposals to smaller South African private company transactions.

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